Organic Product Formulation


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Without sustainability, conservation efforts can easily go to waste. During the first years of the project, the emphasis was given to building awareness, to seed propagation and capacity building. The final phase is now in process and is geared towards the production of environmentally sound products, including organic food products, herbal and handcrafted goods to create village based businesses for rural men and women.

Whole grains are traditionally an important source of nutrition for human populations. Although Anatolia is the genetic source of several varieties of wheat and other crops, valuable grains such as barley, oats and rye are fed mostly to animals. Once abundant wheat diversity is reduced to high yielding species and consumed mainly as bulgur or refined flour products. Anatolia Foundation team educated project families about the value of consuming whole grains and the health of the community has improved. Modern equipment is needed to process ancient grains and obtain organic products at international market standards. To this purpose, Anatolia Foundation is looking for sponsors to set up a small facility for project families. Some of the organically certified products in the works are:

Emmer: whole, cracked and flour.

Red Wheat: whole and flour.

Barley: whole and flour.

Herbals: healing salve and extracts.


**Anatolia Foundation is looking for sponsors and
to help develop the project's organic products**

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