Bozyiğit village



BOZYIGIT is a small village community located in a secluded nature sanctuary overlooking the pristine Cildir Lake. Most of the village men are enrolled in Anatolia Foundation Organic Certification Program. Some also produce wild flower honey. Women take part in botanical workshops and are interested in establishing cottage industries for the production of artisan cheeses and botanical products.

The flora of Bozyigit Village over the Cildir Lake hosts rare plant species and became designated a conservation area by our expert field botanist, Prof. Dr. Neriman Ozhatay from Istanbul University. Part of the village grounds can be declared an “Important Plant Area,” as the endangered plant Ligularia sibirica was found growing in this location. This plant is listed in the “Bern Convention” signed by Turkey (The Convention of The Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, signed in Bern in September 1979), which “places particular importance on the need to protect endangered natural habitats and vulnerable species” and is complemented by “lists of wild species that are protected under the Convention.”  The presence of this plant and of all other rare and endangered plants in Bozyigit Village, as well as its rare botanical habitat (wetland, limestone rocky areas, peatbogs) renders this place a valuable  conservation area and a perfect location for an ecological resort.

Liguria sibirica